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World’s 1st Mask Rebirth Wallet

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With the rise and spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic situation, all the masks are out of stock, or they are really hard to find. You may wonder if you can disinfect and reuse disposable masks. How to disinfect the mask without destroying its protective function?

Introducing MASKIZ
The worlds first portable mask sterilize heating wallet.

As the Coronavirus epidemic continues to spread worldwide rapidly, our mission is to develop a safe way to sterilize face masks, so everyone can use masks safely.

Easy to use clip and go

Sterilize and reuse face mask in as short as 15 minutes

Up to 50,000 hours of lifetime

Simple, lightweight and portable

Why You Should Clean and Reuse Your Mask

Saves Money

As COVID-19 continues to spread, face mask demand is overwhelming and has become very expensive.  Reuse your mask 3-5 times to save money.

Keep Your Mask Virus-Free at All Time

The mask has been filtering out all day including Coronavirus, you want to make sure the mask is Virus-Free every time you use it.

Saves the Environment

One-time face masks are left as marine debris polluting our shores, mask reuse reduces medical hazard, pollution and our carbon footprint.  We love our planet!

Reserve Masks for the Front Liners

The world is experiencing a shortage of surgical masks, it is crucial to reserve masks for doctors, and nurses on the front lines of the COVID-19 disease.

Researches on Coronavirus

Coronavirus dies at 70 degrees Celsius

One recent study published in The Lancet – Microbe commissioned by the Hong Kong University showed that 70 degree Celsius was effective in killing the coronavirus, the virus dies in 5 minutes.  

Virus on face masks last for 7 days

New research by University of Hong Kong has thrown new light at the survival capacity of novel coronavirus in various environments. The new virus causing COVID-19 lasts for seven days on the outer layer of face mask. 

Dry heat treatment is most effective for disinfecting masks

According to new research by the Stony Brook University, dry heat treatments have been shown to be effective for disinfecting N95 masks.

How MASKIZ Works to Kill Coronavirus

In order to ensure that the virus can be effectively killed, the MASKIZ mask wallet patented structure seals and heats the face mask evenly, without leaving any space for virus survival, and the efficiency is equivalent to the dry heating of the electric rice cooker to quickly eliminate the new coronavirus.

MAZKIZ quickly heats the face mask to 72°C* and keeps at a constant temperature for 8 minutes.  The total disinfection time is approximately 15 minutes under 25°C room temperature. 

It is safe to reuse your mask in only 15 minutes of disinfection time!

 *It is reported that COVID-19 virus cannot survive over 70°C for 5 minutes.  According to WHO, temperatures of 60°C to 65°C are enough to kill most viruses.

Push Open and Sterilize!

Push open MASKIZ Wallet and placed folded face mask into the wallet, plug in the USB cord and start sterilize your mask.

And yes, it is that SIMPLE!

Lightweight and Portable

MASKIZ weighs only 300g.  Super lightweight design, thin and portable, easily fits into your bag. 

We performed over hundreds of tests to develop a device that best sterilize face masks.


At Work

At Lunch

In the Car

During Your Sleep

Sterilize Banknotes

General studies of coronaviruses (COVID-19) indicate that they can persist for days on hard surfaces, it could be possible to contract the virus by touching a banknote.  

Coins can be cleaned with soap or alcohol, but not paper money.  MASKIZ is capable of disinfect up to 3 banknotes in one cycle.

USB Powered

Connect with a USB Type-C cable to your PC USB port,  power bank or power hub.  Sterilize your mask anytime, anywhere!

How It Works

Here’s a quick glance at how easy it is to use Maskiz.

  1. Fold the face mask or banknote and place it into Maskiz.  
  2. Connect Maskiz to a power supply with a USB type C cable to begin disinfection.  The red light indicator lights up when disinfecting.
  3. With just 15-20 min, the red light starts flashing indicating disinfection is complete.  Your mask or banknote is now safe to take out.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Methods of Mask Disinfection & Sterilization


Ultraviolet Oven Dry MASKIZ
Sterilize Effectiveness V V V
Effect on Filtration X X V
Portable V X V
Lightweight V X V
Highly Durable X V V
Safe X X V

Ultraviolet (UV light):  The filtration on masks are degraded by UV light because it damages the electrostatic charges in the polypropylene material.  Only UVC is effective for disinfection but is harmful in contact with eyes.
Oven DryIMC Beijing concludes that ovendry disinfection (heating at 70 degrees Celsius) had the least damaging effect on the filtering mechanism, allowing filtration of particles to remain at above 95 percent.  But most convection oven temperature range between 150 to 280 degrees Celsius. 
MASKIZ: Heats to a constant temperature of 72 degree Celsius, and stays heated for 8 minutes.

Manufactured by Taiwan KLC, an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified heater factory with nearly 40 years of experience.

“Thanks to MASKIZ’s heating technology, I can now safely reuse clean masks for me and my family.”

Meet the Design Team

Until one day, my friend reposted the article saying that as long as 56 degrees or more for 30 minutes, the coronavirus will be killed. This news point woke me up!

I immediately raised this idea with my sisters, and it happened that everyone saw the same article and they all shared the same idea.

Since new cases occur every day, we hope to be able to heat up to 70’C and maintain a constant temperature for continuous sterilization, and we also need to quickly find suitable insulation materials. Almost sleeplessly looking for materials, testing, and structural modifications, and finally produced satisfactory samples.  We hope to be able to solve the problem by proposing a portable bag that can be carried around and has real disinfection and sterilization functions.

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